Our Capabilities

At Apollo we pride ourselves on innovation, quality, and new product development. We export to over 100 countries worldwide and our factory has the capability of producing up to 50,000 devices a day.

Our United Kingdom office houses our testing facilities and testing is carried out, to international standards, in each of our four laboratories. The response threshold value of smoke and CO detectors, and the temperature response characteristics of heat detectors are measured in the Environmental laboratory. The EMC laboratory has a GTEM cell and an extensive range of RF test and measurement equipment. The Conditioning laboratory is equipped with climatic chambers, vibration, shock, and corrosion test equipment. The fire test room is fully compliant with the United Kingdom's EN54 standard. It is used for developing new smoke detection products, and carrying out research for the various products and numberous world wide regulations.

Apollo is also an ISO 9001 registered company approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).