All orders are subject to our General Conditions of Sale.

Existing customers

Place an order via email:

To help us improve our service to you, please include the product part number, description, pricing (as per current price list), your e-mail address, and phone number on all purchase orders.

This will save time in processing your orders and avoid any unnecessary delays.


You can contact the Sales Office in the following ways:

  • US / Americas: +1 (248) 332-3900
  • or by fax: +1 (248) 692-0888
  • Export Orders: 011 44 23 9244 2705
  • Direct Fax line: 011 44 23 9245 6530

New Customers - US and South America

Please contact one of our local distributors for availability and pricing!

Becoming an Apollo distributor

Want to make your mark on our map?

Please contact Keith Bowler at Keith.Bowler@apollo-fire.com

Handling Charges

Unfortunately, it is necessary to apply handling charges to cover administration, re-calibration, re-labeling and sometimes, the disposing of returned product.

We will only accept returned goods with the following conditions:

  • The goods are not more than 3 months old
  • The goods are still in the original unopened packaging
  • They have not been installed or modified in any way

For more information on returning devices to Apollo, please click here.

Customer Error

Apollo understands that occasionally even our customers make mistakes when ordering product. Again, depending on the age and condition of incorrectly purchased stock, a handling fee will be charged.

Order Values

Minimum Order Value

Orders received under $400, excluding shipping, will be charged a handling fee. Our Sales Office will contact you to gaurantee your order is correct before shipping.