Bank of Cyprus

  • Location:Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Market:Banking and Finance
  • Products Used:More than 400 XP95 detectors and ancillary devices
  • Panel:Kiddie Vega 8 loop
  • Installer:Dragon Advanced Technology Systems Ltd

The Administrative Headquarters of the Bank of Cyprus, based in Nicosia, comprises a six-storey superstructure with a cafeteria, amphitheatre and offices surrounding a large atrium. It also includes a three-storey basement, accommodating underground parking, the IT department with the Bank's main computer rooms and building services rooms. Up to 200 staff occupy the building at any one time.

The fire detection system is designed around a Kidde Vega eight-loop panel, with Apollo fire detectors installed over all nine floors (the ninth floor on the same loop as the eighth). Configured to operate on a one-out, all-out basis, the fire system incorporates more than 450 XP95 smoke and heat detectors and ancillary products and interfaces with the building's fire doors and public address system.