Goodenough College

  • Location:London, UK
  • Market:Government and Education
  • Products Used:1200 Discovery and XPander devices
  • Panel:5 Advanced Electronics control panels
  • Installer:ERIF UK

Founded in 1930 Goodenough College in central London is home to more than 600 postgraduates from over 90 countries. Situated within the Grade II Listed houses on the north and south sides of Mecklenburgh Square in Bloomsbury, the College required a fire system sympathetic to its heritage.

The client's specification called for an appropriate fire protection response for the heritage areas of the site, plus a solution to nuisance alarms in the College's accommodation blocks, caused by a number of sources, including steam in the bathrooms and smoke in the kitchens. ERIF was able to select the perfect Apollo product to match these differing requirements.

XPander was specified for the heritage locations at the College so that interiors were not compromised, alongside devices such as the Discovery Multisensor for combating false alarms in the accommodation blocks.

The fire detection system at Goodenough College incorporates approximately 1,200 Discovery and XPander devices in all, configured around five Advanced control panels and is programmed to enable phased evacuation block by block.