Mater Dei Hospital

  • Location:Malta
  • Market:Heathcare
  • Products Used:9000 Discovery detectors, 2300 sounders, 1200 MCPs, 700 input/output modules, beam detectors
  • Panel:15 Advanced control panels, 100 repeater panels
  • Installer:Alberta Fire and Security

The Mater Dei Hospital opened in 2007 and at the time was Europe's largest civil construction project for that year. Taking six years to construct the facility now has the capacity for 800 beds.

The fire detection system at the hospital is based around Apollo's Discovery range of analogue addressable fire detectors. It consists of 15 Advanced addressable control panels networked together controlling over 9000 Discovery detectors, 2300 sounders and 1200 manual call points. In addition there are over 700 input/output modules that enable the fire detection system to integrate with other building services. Areas above 10m in height, such as chapels, halls and auditoria are fitted with beam detectors.

An interface between the fire alarm network and the BMS enables the complex cause and effect sequences that ensure the evacuation plans for the building are activated correctly.