Liao Hai Ferry

  • Location:China
  • Market:Marine
  • Products Used:200 Discovery Marine detectors, deckhead mounting box
  • Installer:Shanghai Jin Zhou

The Liao Hai is a roll-on-roll-off ferry. Measuring 115m long and 21m wide, it has the capacity to transport 650 people and approximately 100 lorries. The China Tian jin XinGang shipyard awarded the contract to supply an intelligent fire detection system for the Liao Hai, a new roll-on roll-off ferry, to Apollo's local representative Shanghai Jin Zhou.

The fire detection system includes around 200 Apollo intelligent detectors, including multisensors, which have been approved for marine applications by the China Classification Society following additional tests specific to the marine environment.

Most of the detectors used on the vessel have been fitted using Apollo's Deckhead Mounting Base. This is a robust back box, made from either aluminium or polycarbonate, for use with standard 100mm detector bases. Fixing points are external, enabling a seal to be maintained and therefore providing protection against contaminant ingress into the rear of the base. These boxes are particularly useful when securing bases to rough surfaces or in areas where there may be dripping water.

The Liao Hai fire detection system allows a two minute delay in the event of an alert so that an incident can be investigated. If the alert is genuine, the system then proceeds to raise the alarm. Apollo zone monitors with inbuilt isolators have been installed to enable the fire detection system to interface with other critical equipment on board. A fire alarm triggers a preset sequence of events to ensure that passengers can be evacuated safely. Actions include operating fire doors and dampers and closing down the air conditioning to the passenger and car decks to prevent the spread of smoke.