• Location:Bahrain
  • Market:Telecommunications
  • Products Used:650 XP95 Detectors, 147 MCPs, 375 ancillary devices
  • Installer:Khayber Trading

BATELCO is the national telecommunications company of Bahrain and is situated in the Salmaniya Complex. The complex comprises two multi-storey buildings - Telephone House and Telegraph House - and a new security control building. Telephone House and Telegraph House were built in 1982 to house the state-of-the-art equipment that is vital to the country's global communications network. Since banks of electrical equipment are a major potential fire hazard, Khayber Trading needed to supply a fire system that would provide reliable, twenty-four hour protection.

The company specified a fire system that uses Apollo's open digital protocol and includes 650 Apollo XP95 detectors, 147 manual call points and 375 ancillary devices. The latter are used for controlling sounders on different levels of the buildings and for interfacing with critical plant and equipment, such as the automatic carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system.

The Apollo devices are arranged around three main fire alarm control panels and fifteen repeater panels, strategically situated across the BATELCO complex. These individual panels are networked and link back to a master computer with graphics display that allows swift visual identification of the location of any alarm. There is also a slave graphic user interface in the ground floor control room of the Security Building, duplicating the graphics display from the master computer.