SL-2000 Series Conventional Duct Smoke Detectors


The SL-2000 includes many features that represent true innovations from current generation duct smoke detectors. Our traditional installer/servicer-friendly approach has been closely followed and expanded throughout the SL-2000. This philosophy provides a new level of efficiency in after-purchase value to both the installer/servicer and end-user. Our attention to detail has yielded a host of "No-Tools Required" features, as well as a multi-application performance level as yet unmatched in the industry. Innovative product combined with unsurpassed customer service equals the right combination for all of your projects. The key features below detail many of the customer-driveninnovations incorporated in the SL-2000 Series.


  • UL, CUL, CSFM, and MEA Listed
  • Operating voltages: 230VAC, 115VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC
  • Two sets of 10A form "C" alarm contacts
  • One set of 2A form "A" alarm contacts
  • One set of 10A form "C" trouble contacts
  • Large terminal connection screws
  • Made in the USA
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Product Variants
Product NamePart Number
SL-2000 Series Duct Smoke DetectorsSL-2000
DocumentPP NumberIssue
SL-2000 Series Duct Smoke DetectorsINST APD0465 A110923A
Data Sheets
SL-2000 Series Duct Smoke DetectorsDS-DU-1 H080424H