Apollo Mobile App

The Apollo Fire Detector’s mobile app has been updated to provide you with additional features, on top of the original functionalities the earlier app provided.

The DIL Switch and XPERT Card configuration tools have been updated to accommodate CoreProtocol technology, up to a value of 256. The BS 5839-1:2017 Guide is still accessible within the app, and you can still keep a track of your installations using our installation checklist.

One of the big features of this update is that the mobile app now supports MyApollo, so you can log into your account through the app. This will enable you to access and edit checklists, access project lists you've started on a desktop and download resources.

The update also allows you to search for and download product installation guides and sounder tones.

Please note: checklists are synced to each device on the earlier version of the app, and on the update they are synced to a MyApollo account. Because of this the checklists will not be carried over when you update. Please bear this in mind ahead of downloading the update as you may wish to make a note / take screenshots of current progress.

In future, where checklists will be linked to a MyApollo account, you will be able to download the latest app update and change devices while still being able to access your checklists.

The App can be downloaded onto your desired device by clicking on the links below:

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play